Catch my eye if you can

So our entire world is like this...

and this...

and this too.

I think universal symbols are great. They are information in its minimalist form, which is exactly what a chaotic world needs. Order.
But doesn't homogeneity irk everyone at some level? It does trouble the right part of my brain. In the 1960's a linguist, Roland Barthes, elaborated that certain cultural stereotypes actually effect a reader's understanding of a sign. As the conventions vary from one culture to another, it follows that the connotative effect of these conventions- the rules on how to read these images will also vary between these communities. In Barthes' words- culture creates meaning. elaborate....let's bring in some toilet humour shall we?

Some of these are easy to guess and some are just de-lightful!
Top to bottom- England, Canada, Austin, Oman, Spain, Ghana and Nepal (that's from my personal collection)
They all mean the same thing, they all say it in their own way. Culture specific graphics are more than just an information outlet, they are instrumental in creating Identity.