Chasing a Chimera?

Its quite possible that what I'm chasing may not exist, that any image is always read within a cultural context, and meaning cannot be exclusive of culture. Actually yes, it cannot be. You can take a sign out of a culture and try to impose a universal meaning to it, but you cannot take the culture out of a reader. Seeing that the creation of universal graphics hasn't ceased, is it even possible for universality to incorporate cultural diversity?
Anthropologists today are talking about 'endangered cultures' and saving irreplaceable cultural information, which we din't even know existed. These terms and thoughts were unheard of a century ago. Are we already so neck deep in the hope of breaking all communication barriers that we have become completely desensitized to the nuances of our environment, at least within our geographical boundaries?

How do you make people sit up and take notice without asking them to take a transatlantic trip to appreciate the richness of diversity? How can Design be instrumental in preserving cultural data without the formality of branding?

That one just sounds like a heavy duty question, but a Rory Sutherland quote answers it effectively.“Poetry is when you make new things familiar and familiar things new.” And I would probably start by requesting Ravi Poovaiah to give his unique cultural dimension to the metro signage in Delhi.

This is Delhi's common visual information culture now-

and there are the little drops of wonder-

How do I use this to bring out the hidden facets of Delhi lifestyle and culture?
Ladies and gentlemen, keep an eye out for...the Situationists.

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