I began with worms.

Alexandre Wollner, the acclaimed Brasilian graphic designer, says that every well thought out idea/design begins with random doodles a.k.a worms on paper.

Idea : Toying with the idea of how the 5 senses trigger emotions....

Worm : A Wheel of Feel which handles all permutations and combinations of senses & emotions and pop!....gives you symbols.

Now I add a pinch of culture to this recipe. In this case, Singapore.

Idea : Singaporean aspects which trigger extreme emotions(positive and negative).

Worm: Testers for sight, sound, smell, taste and touch with opposite symbols on each end.
Sound - Singapore Symphony vs the 'Invalid Access' Beep
Taste - Free flowing Tiger beer vs Grass Jelly Dessert
Smell - Expensive perfumes (mall malls everywhere, which open up to the streets) vs Durian
Sight - GO vs STOP
Touch - Abundance of padded lingerie vs Popular Tattoo culture

It pays to hear a modernist such as Wollner. Though I discarded the senses concept not long after, it did give me direction.

To be continued...