Search Engines 'Full Speed Ahead'

How do you begin collecting the idiosyncrasies of a culture being a part of it?
A mannerism or an oddity that has been around throughout your life does not seem quirky anymore. Can you look at your own culture with objectivity, be close enough to experience its uniqueness and far enough to analyse it?

Being in Singapore for a while and living away from Delhi, I could trace back quite some characteristics of the culture that I have been born and brought up in, by using comparison. But its not easy to pin down what triggers Delhites. A complex bunch they are.

So I asked...

"As Khushwant Singh said – Delhi is like his hijda mistress Bhagmati. She is ugly to an outsider but reveals her charms only to insiders. If you can look past the squalor, you can enjoy the Sufi-ism, the sandstone domes and IHC."

"(...)Delhi doesn't ignore anyone - staring eyes at people wearing strange stuff/talking loudly/holding hands.. <> And in the Sex of the City phenomenon: we have the attitude .. we flaunt it.. but only in those dark dark lanes in the car backseat where no one wd know.. no friends' houses..! "

"We sympathize when the kid aged 5 comes up to our window at the traffic light to sell a magazine..and still do nothing about it! Nonchalance (I guess that's our USP)"

"Delhi has changed, and in a sad way. the traffic is terrible, the jams are neverending, the the road rage is terrible. it is no longer "dilwalon ki dilli" Dilliwalas are rude, crass, and abusive too (...)"

"(...)the Punjabipan, the 'Life's One Big Party' outlook, even the childish petulance with which its citizens show off their Civics and their Audis."

"The older generation wouldn't leave any (new) stone unturned, while the younger ones are always in a hurry to get what they want. Most people here have "delusions of grandeur" with or without any substance abuse. People debate rather than discuss."

"Have you seen the queues in front of chat stalls? And its gol guppas not paani puri FYI! Shopping! Karol bagh, sarojini and lajpat.We love driving big cars and still try to take the teeny shortcuts that only a mrooti(800) can manage!"

"(...)the culture of delhi is Dilli haat, and our language is pseudo art, we love to hate the politicians, crib when traffic stops, we rush to catch an over crowded bus, and we cant comprehend queues, self thats not us, we like to sprawl!"

...and a lot more! There's no stopping them when you start them.
A sincere 'Thank you' to everyone who helped me open the treasure trove of anecdotes and emotions. Now we begin!