"Words seperate", he said, "pictures unite".

"Since early antiquity people have oriented themselves by natural signs: sailor navigated by constellations, the Magi followed a star. When these proved insufficient, we invented others, some of which are culturally specific. Invented signs were added to the natural ones."

- Otto Neurath (1882-1945)

...and he kept his word.
Seeing that a new language couldn't keep the World War I in check, this Viennese social scientist and philosopher attempted something entirely new. Or rather old. For in fact he wished to create something akin to a heiroglyphic renaissance.

Then came the days of the universal silhouettes. Together with Gerd Arntz, Neurath created the ISOTYPE- The International System of Typographic Picture Education. In simple terms, a visual dictionary.

This system could never replace words or bridge language differences, but we all are familiar with these ubiquitous pictograms...because they have outlived their creator.

Also, Isotype in Greek means the 'same sign'.
Interesting...a universal language at last?
so what comes next?