The Trilogy of Cultural Code

There can be multitude of ways of exploring cultural identity through graphics. For my own reference and understanding, I identified three distinct ways of going about it.
Aesthetic, Character and Revival.

Stefan Kanchev was an influential figure in the field of trademark, logo and stamp design. A modernist himself, the distinct contradiction to modernist ideology in Kanchev's designs was the evident inspiration from Bulgarian folklore. His stamps are a proof of the imitable aesthetic of his country. This kind of a depiction is dependent upon an iconic graphic style of a region.

Bruno Munari's forks, which portray Italian style conversation, highlight the quirks of the Italian community. Italians love to support their conversation with little hand and finger gestures. This kind of depiction is dependent on the character or peculiarity of a region, its lifestyle and/or its people.

p.s- this guy was a genius!...he used to throw bits of paper in the air to make air 'visible' :)

'Sita Sings the Blues' is Nina Paley's animated version of the famous Hindu mythological story of Ramayana. Despite being of a non-indian origin, Paley was able to create this landscape of Indian ingredients composed in a contemporary framework to rejuvenate what was momentarily out of public thought. This fresh depiction of an attribute unique to a culture can also be called as a technique of revival.

& Design as Art by Bruno Munari