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David Carson did not like Helvetica, so he typed in dingbats.
Postmodernism 'problematized' meaning, it offered multiple points of access and was open to interpretation. The vernacular, high and low culture, pop culture, nostalgia, parody, irony, pastiche, deconstruction and the anti-aesthetic became the ideas of the 80's and 90's.

Paula Scher just wanted to Play.
"It is hard for most people to recognise seriousness, which is rare, but more comfortable to enclose solemnity, which is commonplace. Jogging, which is commonplace and widely accepted as good for you, is solemn. Poker is serious. Washington D.C is solemn. New York is serious. Going to educational conferences to tell you anything about the future is solemn. Taking a long walk by yourself, during which you devise a fool proof scheme for robbing Tiffany's, is serious."

In 1947 what Paul Rand wrote still holds true, "the problem of the artist is to make the commonplace uncommonplace."

and the world was changing...