'Don't hate the media, become the media'

Wikipedia Defn. : "The Yes Men are a group of culture jamming activists who practice what they call "identity correction" by pretending to be powerful people and spokespersons for prominent organizations."

With cheap technology and open sources, activism has a new meaning altogether.

'Tactical media' or 'culture jamming' occupies public space controlled mass media. Where the two practices differ is in their way to obtain this public space; while culture jamming consists of a response to the dominant practices within it, tactical media uses the dominant practices in order to penetrate it and become part of it. 'Don't hate the media, become the media' is a slogan often adopted by tactical activists.

What happens when you shake an established vocabulary of a constructed space? Can the social elements of a culture be used in a creative manner which would fall outside of the system under which they are to be used?

The only way is to test. It's time to go to the streets!

knowledge @ http://theyesmen.org/