March 20. Oxford Bookstore. New Delhi

An impromptu exhibit of the 5 signs was arranged outside the Oxford Bookstore (this time with prior permission) to close the experiment and to reflect over the gone week.

About 50 or so bookmarks were given out with the purchases made at the store.

[to the Delhites] If you find this initiative to your liking and would like to take this further or get your own observations/ideas converted into 'official' signs, please do give us a shout at
The 5 signs for the design intervention in New Delhi :

Many assumed we were activists or the press, and some thought we were MTV team members. But there lies the power of Design; it can poke, probe, intervene and express.

The experiment is over for now, the project is not.
Singapore calls.

Photography credits go to Puneet K. Paliwal