Everything is twice as large, measured on a three-year-old's three-foot scale on a thirty-year-old's six-foot scale.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes. Sr.

Comparison becomes necessary when content is subjective, like culture. After testing the waters of a complex city like New Delhi, the best way to contextualize my concept for the audience in Singapore is to provide them with examples which are familiar to them. Within the time constraint, I try to gather as much visual and verbal data to build my knowledge bank. But over time I have realized that keen observation and hearty conversations get you much more than a survey ever would.

[Singapore/Delhi = Order/ ideal comparison.]

Singapore is known as the 'Sign City' or a 'Fine City' (pun intended) and thus, there is no lack of signs. Correction...there is no lack of 'universal signs'. But it still makes for an interesting visual culture...

There is a Hendrix quote-'I have been imitated so well, I hear people copy my mistakes.' This line comes to my mind because it is often those elements which are slightly off/ unusual ...which may be called mistakes, become the identifiers instead.

Their similarities are different : current signage on the left and a vintage poster of Singaporean cinema.
The following images are old and new, new and old. Singapore does have a very strong culture, all you need to do is wipe off some of that 'global city' make up.

The search for a visual style may have been fruitful, but now comes the content...the idiosyncrasies that connect the people of this island city, the aspects of a Singaporean life which may or may not be talked about openly.