'The best poetry is like dropping a bomb...it ricochets.'

What do you do when what you would like to do cannot be done?
I say you build for it. And then you build some more.
So here goes...

Everything is OK is a collaborative art project aimed at provoking people to more critically consider the status quo. It began as an idea from the design studio MINE™ in California.

'Faced with the mounting inequities in our world and culture, we set out to assemble a list of resources that would point people toward positive action. We launched a simple website as a means of sharing these links. To promote the site, we created barricade tape with the incongruous message "everything is ok."
The tape was first deployed during the 2006 US election, and then again during a massive pillow fight in San Francisco.The response to the tape was overwhelming, and we quickly realized that people were more interested in the tool we had created than the project it was designed to promote. It started showing up in design annuals, museum collections, books and blogs. People started writing to us asking for tape of their own. Gradually, we became interested in exploring the possibilities represented by this intersection of design, art and activism.'

Personally, I think this project shows that Design has guts, and it needs no clone army to prove a point. You can call it graphic/product/interactive/etc, what it comes down to is basic psychologiaThe question that now arises is - are you willing to give change a chance?

Knowledge @ http://www.everythingisok.com/everythingisok_news.html