Colour Coded Covert

Four Detroit artists are drawing attention to blighted houses by covering them in buckets of "Tiggerific" orange paint.

A group who call themselves Object Orange, realized they could use the shocking color of the sign to draw attention to the city's pervasive urban decay. With up to 15 volunteers they staged clandestine predawn painting expeditions, covering blighted houses in buckets of orange paint.  Out of Detroit's more than 7,000 abandoned buildings, fewer than 2,000 are slated for destruction, leaving a long waiting list of properties that have become drug dens, and prostitution hubs.

Four of OO's first 11 orange houses were almost immediately demolished. "Our part is starting conversations," says OO member Jacques. "Some people do outreach. We paint houses orange."

All I can say is that you don't need to be a designer to solve problems. Just read Edward de Bono.