Signed. Sealed. Delivered!

Yes, the signboards have been sold. Er...just the 2 for now.

Both go to two individuals I happen to admire- one is a my Prof. who shares my interest in street art and the other is someone whose work I idolize.


Steve Lawler is the Creative Director of  Kult magazine in Singapore. He has also agreed to find buyers for the other 3 signs [so if anyone is interested, you know who to contact].To see why I admire/idolize his work so much please check out exhibit:

Vanessa Ward is my multi talented professor from Lasalle- she introduced me to Banksy (just his nobody really knows who he is). With a Phd from Glasgow School of Art, her jewellery is just phenomenal. Check it out at:

The Singapore chapter is over. The Delhi diary is just beginning.