One square at a time.

My name is Invader. People call me Space Invader.

So says the French origin artist who 'prefers to be masked' [even while he gives out autographs in his own exhibition]. His little army of invaders [as seen in the original game] is spread in approx. 40 cities all over the world. He is a street artist in league of Shepard Fairey and Banksy, but one who picks up the most idiosyncratic elements of both. He decides to remain anonymous in name and face- just like Banksy, and like the Obey Giant project, Invader chooses to use iconic imagery.

He calls his art a combination of the old- Mosaic and the new- Pixel art. His exhibition showcases his work using Rubik's cubes.

The art is good, the idea is leaning on 'is probably there', so what's stopping him from invading Indian cities?

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