"Affichage sauvage"

Recently found an article on a post graffiti artist whose work is, well, the kind that sparks debates and opinions. And not all are favourable.

Daniel Buren in 1966 made famous the 'vertical stripes' in street activity. In march 1968 he started taking his personal icon to public spaces: first on the backs of human billboards, and immediately in the first auffichages sauvages, illegal installations on street-level advertising frames.

'Like many artists of the present decade, his illegal work in some cities took place as a consequence, or even as part, of his participation in some artistic event in that place. This way, legal and illegal activities benefit of a mutual feedback: the legal part pays for the trip, while the illegal part serves as promotion. A system that could be called plain and simple guerrilla advertising: the building of the lucrative brand image of an artist at the expense of the taxpayer’s cleaning bill.'

For the first time, I feel like asking a question on this blog, as I personally cannot wrap my head around the work of this artist. What do you think he was trying to say? Did he manage saying it?

knowledge @ http://www.danielburen.com/