A fainting spell

...one of the various meanings of Swoon in the dictionary.

Its been a while since I posted, maybe because I haven't come across something so inspiring. So I decided to look back. I have known about Swoon's work for some time, but surprisingly have never posted about this legendary woman. For those who do not know her, here goes...

Street artist Swoon aka Callie Curry was once just an art student searching for “context”. Ten years, later she is one of New York’s most talented, prolific, and well-respected street artists. What is eye-catching about her work is the life size figures sketched with so much emotion and real life persona, that it is impossible not to stop and stare.

Listen to her on TEDxBrooklyn : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5298KZuW_JE&feature=player_embedded

Here's an excerpt from an interview of Swoon:Brooklyn Street Art: I was thinking about how you talk about this internal world in your work being a world that you have dreamt about or you do dream about. And I was thinking about the fact that a lot of peoples work is autobiographical. What part of you is in here?
Swoon: Well you know it depends with each piece. This one is very literally "I went for a walk and I drew it". Some pieces are much more about bringing together various symbols and some pieces are very much an impression transferred. Sometimes they can be a little bit like a travelogue. This is kind of a sensory recording of a place. And I think that in the form that I bring them together it is a little in that layered, kind of confusing state of dreams. Otherwise I think it's pretty straight-forward.
Brooklyn Street Art: Sometimes places are confusing anyway on their own.
Swoon: Totally.
Brooklyn Street Art: So maybe you capture some of that confusion too.

Swoon: Yeah (chuckles), and I really am attracted to those places; Those kind of winding labyrinth-like cities and all of those places. I feel like I'm always kind of looking for them.