The following post is not my find. Knowing that I actively blog about street art, my dear sister took the initiative to introduce me to this artist's work. And am I glad or what.

Alexandre Orion is a Brazilian graffiti artist and photographer.
He gained attention for his exhibition Metabiotics in 2006, a graffiti/photography project in which he painted graffiti pieces with white and black latex paint and photographed people interacting with them. He would wait behind a camera for the perfect opportunity to take a picture. He claims to love the "waiting" part of photography. 

He considers it to be a spiritual moment during his art. Orion's life as an artist began started with hand painted shirts when he was 14, moved into graffiti with a spray can, and later evolved into art that focuses more on social issues. Later, he began "thinking about the way the community interacts with graffiti, and playing with the visual conflict between the real and the unreal."
In a 2007 reverse graffiti project, he drew a mural of skulls in São Paulo's Max Feffer Tunnel by scouring away parts of the thick layer of soot on the walls; the city later removed the mural by cleaning off the rest of the soot. 

To know more about this absolutely brilliant artist, check out his website http://www.alexandreorion.com/