a Tense Stencil

After following his blog cum photo journal for a while, I recently found something on Jan Chipchase's Future Perfect that I thought is a perfect post for this wall. We have all seen stencils used for advertising, signage and graffiti; but the following examples make you think twice. Everything and anything when taken out of its usual context and framed into another, adds a layer of meaning to it. I for one was fascinated to see this odd form of clipart. 

Kabul: street stencils

This is the tagline that goes with these- 'ISAF/American critical stencil art depicting the in the Tainani neighbourhood of, Kabul. Stencils are widely used for advertising services here, first examples I’ve seen of more political material. Apparently widespread and by a non-local graffer).' - JC

Kabul: stencil art

Is this the modern version of rock drawings? Stories of our generation told through stencils.

knowledge @ http://janchipchase.com/2010/08/street-stencil/