No posts in a while and then 2 in one go. Thats what I call a lucky day. Couldn't stop myself from sharing these absolutely brilliant finds. So here goes...

Italian artist CT has developed a fresh new style of graffiti in his home town of Torino, where he focuses on a simplified boldfaced kind of graffiti.  His work is a play on bold fonts, straight angles and bubbly curves.  These tangram-style bombs appear on walls throughout Torino and Europe .

All the graphic designers out there will find his work yummy. Do not mistake it to be vector stencils- he does all his forms himself, 'traditionally' i.e with pen and paper. Move out colour-blocking, we got some major form-blocking here. Check his other stuff out (and some fun Q&A) on his website- http://www.ekosystem.org/0_ITW/ct/