The Poster that Launched a Movement (Or Not)

The Vanity Fair article was illustrated with a half-page spread photo of protesters retaking lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park after being temporarily evicted on November 15. There were also portraits of many of the protagonists in the Occupy WallStreet movement. What wasn't shown was the poster that started everything. Six months into the movement, I had never seen it. Chances are, neither have you. Because the poster — so elliptical, poetic and provocative in that characteristic Adbusters way — didn't matter at all. The ballerina didn't matter. The bull didn't matter. The headline didn't matter. Only one thing mattered: that hashtag at the bottom. 

So, here the question. In the age of social media, does political graphic design matter?

The Poster that Launched a Movement (Or Not): Observatory: Design Observer