Noisy Jelly : a Broadway phenomenon

Days go by looking for something interesting on the internet. And on a completely bland day,  you find it. And it blows your mind. 
Noisy Jelly is a fully working prototype produced in collaboration with Arduino and Max/Msp by Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard at L'Ensci Les Ateliers during a semester course. 

Noisy Jelly is a chemistry set where jelly can be shaped using mere water and a few grams of agar powder. Using a different shaped plastic molds, users then  add color dye into the mix, pour it into the mold and leave to solidify for 10 minutes. Once the jelly is solidifies, the user can then place the finished shape on the game board and by touching the shape, the user activates different sounds. The audio signal is affected by distance, strength of touch and contact. Each malleable material demonstrates how electronics can now have a new aesthetic shape, texture and value.

Though this project has nothing to do with design activism directly, I believe it is a unique comment on human behavior. The technology itself has so much potential, that I can already imagine a number of public installations using it. I admire how Yatzer frames the purpose of this project: "Noisy Jelly puts an interesting spin on a self made performance or entertainment product. Although the set provides you with enough ingredients to shape a series of small jelly shapes, the potential to repeat this process in different shapes and sizes, creates the opportunity to shape environments that play sounds and are activated through human touch. Beyond fun and plain entertainment, we can see this technology being used to help the blind, as an education tool as well as many other applications where it seems to provide a disruptive behavior and positive change."

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