Pedestrians in Brisbane, Queensland, are invited to rewrite Australia's patriotic songs by sending text messages to an installation in the windows of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts on Brunswick Street. Commissioned from the Australian design studio Inkahoots, "New Anthems" consists of illuminated typographic sculptures with temporary gaps left for others to fill in. 

The first installation, which was displayed from July 22 '09 to August 20 '09, quoted "Advance Australia Fair," the country's official anthem: "Australians all let us ____ for we are young and ____," omitting the words "rejoice" and "free." Variations of the line supplied by onlookers via cell phone were, “Australians all let us ditch the Queen, for we are young and she’s so Elizabethan," and “Australians all let us fixate on celebrities, for we are young and they are digitally enhanced.”

Interesting, and a popular concept. I remember seeing the same in the Singapore night parade 2010, where anyone and everyone could send a text to a given number. If the text gets selected, a number of people (looking suspiciously like santa's elves) would go around changing the letters on the installation. 

Absolutely loved it then. Love it now!

To check out the interesting new anthems, go here http://www.jwcoca.qld.gov.au/newanthems/