What is missing?

Since it has been on a hold, it has been my wish to add another dimension to my project, to make it more alterable and definitive. When I came across Maya Lin's project, it immediately resonated with my ideal prototype. "For her fifth and final memorial, Maya Lin is taking on what is surely one of the greatest single imperatives of our times," said Anne Pasternak, president and artistic director of Creative Time, "the protection of fragile habitats around the globe. Thanks, in part, to Creative Time's partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation’s New York City Cultural Innovation Fund, Maya is traveling the world to learn, build networks, and bear witness to our environmental crises. What she learns will be shared through video and sound installations in an ambitious project that demonstrates the ramifications of our everyday actions and attitudes on habitats, while bringing together environmentalists, scientists and educators from all parts of the world."  

Maya Lin is a participant in the Creative Time Global Residency Program, for which she has traveled to diverse parts of the world to connect with disappearing species for the “What Is Missing” project. The four videos presented at “At 44 ½” are part of an expansive project of the same name that is an urgent call to action intended to build awareness about disappearing species. “What is Missing?,” which Lin calls her "last memorial," consists of site-specific media installations, traveling art exhibitions, a printed and digital book, and other forms, linked through the project's website

By existing in multiple forms and sites simultaneously, the project challenges the notion that memorials must be singular objects. Through a broad network of collaborations with scientific institutions, environmental groups, writers, art institutions, filmmakers, photographers and artists, “What is Missing?” will ultimately emphasize what each individual can do to protect species and the habitats they depend on for survival.  

The archive of missing habitats equates to the endangered codes of culture being lost everyday in the minutest parts of our world. From the sparse Parsi community to the diminishing wisdom of ancient tribes. Each iota of knowledge misplaced is value gone. What else is missing from our civilisation, or what are we willingly giving away? Anyhow, a beautiful project by a brilliant artist. Try not to miss this one.

More at http://whatismissing.net/#/home