You got a Message.

Now featuring a Bachelor Diploma Project.

Grand-Central is an open platform that lets network-connected people express themselves through a tangible output device. Truly a brilliant connectivity project I came across on DesignTaxi today. 


For a social exploration experiment, Swiss artist Thibault Brecet created a large guestbook-like system that lets online users from all over the world express themselves through a tangible output device in a different location. 

Called ‘Grand-Central’, the public online platform combines various mediums—a website, where people can interact and contribute personalized messages and text; and ‘Presto the printer’, that writes out these messages. 

Users can write something in the textbox, or submit a URL to an image, and watch the printer from the webcam write out their submissions live. The work captures the diverse social spectrum of contemporary culture from all over the world. 

There is an eminent similarity between projects like What is Missing or the giant SMS billboard, and now the Grand Central. They almost remind me of virtual versions of Candy Chang's little installations. Bravo, no doubt.

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p.s- I typed in " Did you hear the earth turning?"