Fly you fools!

Been a while since I found a project which is so understated that it immediately puts a smile on your face. And you -without a doubt- wish you had a first hand experience of seeing it in action. "Some pigeons are more equal than others" by berlin-based artists Julian Charriere and Julius von Bismarck during the 2012 Venice Biennale is precisely that.

The duo have collaborated to dye the birds in an effort to change people's perception of them being considered the 'rats of the sky'. Without harming the feathered critters, Charriere and Bismarck spray-painted them with a specially created booth, where they believe the creatures will become less offensive, and in turn, more accepted by those traveling the venetian piazzas.

With a project like this, PETA could easily have a field day. But the artists claim to be extremely sensitive to the birds.The paint will wear off as the pigeons eventually shed some feathers, or if there is rain. On the other hand, animals aren't self conscious, so we hope the colour doesn't effect their mating opportunities. 

There are a lot many arguments to this idea. My personal question being, if you did go through so much effort and care, try involving larger causes? 

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