Of rotations and revolutions.

A mysterious project by an anonymous person/group has surfaced on the internet. The origin is definitely japanese, and they are fairly regular on their facebook and twitter account. Sample this:

Here is what Yatzer says about it:

"The anonymous RRRRRRRRoll series depicts frames from everyday life; often featuring a quiet, pensive and intriguing woman as the protagonist of the narrative as she or other objects are given a new dimension by rotating on their central axis. The composition formulates a compelling image that sits still and also moves at the same time. Unlike many other GIFs where the focus is diluted to just movement, the rrrrrrrrol series of images seem to capture an array of layers that captivate users looking for more. The environment, the photo that is captured, the mysteriousness of the shot and the subject, all come to life on every occasion. Projects like this seem to be simple but carry immense force behind their consistency and artwork."

The beauty of these pictures lie in the ethereal quality as well as the unknown intent behind them. Each image is like a red herring in the sea of web. Yes, maybe this project sidetracks from the other content of this blog, but the I cannot help thinking that something this impactful could have easily carried a story with it.

Maybe it does. But we are still blissfully wide-eyed and unaware.

More at: http://rrrrrrrroll.tumblr.com/