Keep the vertigo out.

About time I had a new post up, and this one is a complete delight to share. Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to get a bird's eye view of your city? Uninterrupted and uncluttered sights?
Well, here is a project [actually just a video] which puts our collective wishes in focus.

[From Yatzer]

How convenient would it be to not only live and work but also play in your city? We are all taken back to a time we rode our first roller coaster, experienced our first fantasy world or our first thrill with friends and family. Experience Buenos Aireslike no one else has. Jump aboard the urban roller-coaster and move through the city's history. 'Inception Park' is a beautifully layered short movie by film director, Fernando Livschitz from Black Sheep Films that transports us into a new dimension of entertainment and thrills. It may seem like a dream but there is no reason why we should not try and make those dreams into clever and adventurous films like this one.

Not only do we love the thrill of imagining moving through some of our favourite cities in this way, we also love the rich technique and dedication to creating this beautiful movie sequence. To see the shadows rapidly wrap around the diverse architecture, watch the scale of the city overlaid with the moving cars and see how the roller-coaster cars interplay with the space is nothing short of an epic ride.

  Though this project is very close to the High Wheel project, a video project by Maider Lopez where he effectively removes the main structure of a ferris wheel by using chroma key, made for the OK Center for Contemporary Art.

 What I personally love about these projects, or dreamt projects, is the beautiful way we can experience our cities. It is not everyday that we are given a reason to appreciate the place we live in.

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