Good Raid

Today is the day when I have decided to raid the DesignTaxi website for projects that put a smile on my face. Here are not one, but 3 that made me wish I was around to experience them.

a. 1800-SNOWFALL

London-based creative agency POKE collaborated with Make Hackney Sparkle campaign in December last year to make a Rivington Street in London snow.

Posters were put up on the street to encourage people to call a number or check-in on Foursquare—those curious enough were rewarded with a tiny snow blizzard, accompanied with Dean Martin’s “Let It Snow” song in the background.

The magical stunt that aimed to bring smiles to people’s faces was made possible with unique software and electronics, wireless connection, and five snow cannons on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. 


Japanese clothing retailer United Arrows has found an innovative way to make customers pay attention to its display windows. 

Using two ‘MarionetteBots’, these half mannequins-half robots are capable of mimicking the movements of customers that walk in front of the display windows. 

Using Kinect technology and a series of wires, it allows the mannequins to copy the movement of any person—similar to a marionette. 


The Netherlands-based social design lab Studio Roosegaarde’s newest innovation is a collection of 700 magical rocks—that light up upon human interaction—named CRYSTAL.

Each CRYSTAL is of a unique geometric shape and encapsulates small LEDs—the lighting behavior, or “breathing”, of these fascinating rocks changes when visitors move, add or share them.

CRYSTAL’s open-source shareability makes it similar to a LEGO building block, where people can activate their own glowing rock, for sharing with friends and as something to build upon. 

I have always believed that design is participatory by nature. Today our attention spans have decreased to such a level that if something does not require our involvement, we would probably end up ignoring it. But today, more than anything, we need interaction. Despite the extensive 'social networking', all we are craving for is a good face-to-face conversation. As designers I think it is our duty to create such conversation starters. What say you?