Pocket full of Kryptonite

Oh, this one is delightfully cool. And some very impressive technology went behind this installation by the creative studio Wildbytes.

As found on DesignTaxi-

'Based in New York and Madrid, Wildbytes turned building facades into a fun interactive wall that will transform ordinary people into flying superheroes. 

Named “Superheroes”, this Kinect-controlled architectural projection creates an immersive virtual reality where people possess “superpowers”, which are actually special effects generated in real time with accompanying sound effects. 

Cameras will map participants’ bodies in 3D before translating their gestures into various superhuman movements on the screen, including the ability to throw energy balls, become bigger or smaller and of course, fly. '

This project reminds me of the day Heroes went off air. It was a sad day. Each and everyone of us possesses a wish to have superhuman powers to get over our daily dilemmas, or to be special in a sea of similarity. Last I checked, invisibility and flight were topping the charts. But we forget the unique ability already given to us on a platter- the power of imagination. If you got that, you don't need anything else my friend.