Its a street start.

Re-posting from Designtoimprovelife:

Imagine if you got to decide what your street looked like. What would YOU choose to create? The Your Street Challenge is a new way to think about where you live, work or play. To date, the Your Street Challenge has taken over streets in cities across South Africa, as well as in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Now they are taking on Risør, Norway.
Your Street, born from a creative-event co-hosted by Design Indaba in 2011, has turned into its own urban transformation phenomenon. The challenge is to take the community closest to your heart and come up with new ways to improve it using the three pillars: People, Pleasure and Possibility.  

Community developer, Hell Sigrid Erdal Garth, explained Risør’s excitement at the coming Challenge, “The municipality is trying to redefine municipal planning to create more involvement and support. We also want to raise awareness so that residents can be making great places. It's exciting that everyone can have the opportunity to suggest projects.”
It is certainly  exciting to give a whole community the opportunity to create a design solution that can make their streets smarter, safer, healthier and more sustainable for everyone who uses them. You know what they say; two heads are better than one!  

I say, many are even better. 
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