Tale of Two Citations

Two wonderful articles that support my faith in the art of storytelling for the preservation of cultural quotes.

a. Comics Without Superheroes, But With A Mission
Plain Ink’s simple illustrated stories are designed to help teach and empower children in the developing world. The company's mission is to “ignite imaginations to create a new narrative for the world – one in which we have a chance to thrive, wherever we are.” The organization seeks to harness the transformative potential of storytelling in books, multimedia and imagery to spark change, help people gain new skills, increase literacy levels, and engage communities to find their own solutions.

b. College Kids Start A Social Enterprise To Tell Stories For Good

Teach Twice connects children around the world with children’s books that bridge cultural divides and creates opportunities in the developing world. Stories can be powerful. That’s one of the lessons learned at Teach Twice, a social enterprise that uses picture books to share stories between cultures and foster educational opportunities for children around the globe.

Do read if you believe.