The Social Shot

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Having trouble picking the perfect cocktail? Say hello to Social Shot, a mobile bartending-robot that uses data from your Facebook to concoct a unique beverage based on your persona. Built by a group of German product designers, Social Shot effectively generates a readable and drinkable diagram of its users.

How it works: after logging in to your Facebook, the robot builds a ‘personality profile’ stemming from the "Big Five" factor model, five broad dimensions some physiologists use to describe human personality. These factors are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, and each is paired with an ingredient. The percentage level assigned to each personality trait determines the respective ingredients quantity in the finished mix. So let’s say a user’s Facebook profiles suggests a low amount of conscientiousness, their final mix would have less vodka.

The designers describe the project in their press release, “The graphic translation of abstract datasets into something that is not only readable like a diagram but also tangible allows an unusual glimpse at the value and significance of the user’s personal data.”
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