Selected Store of Specificied Specimens

This is one of the rare occasions I can't wait to post about a project. To be honest, I also can't wait to afford, and own, a piece myself.

The Mini Museum.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own piece of “Martian Atmosphere” or 19,551 year old “Mammoth Meat,” this portable exhibition is for you. Hans Fex, creator of the first Mini Museum, just released another (second in the series so far) hand-crafted, limited-edition collection, filled with curiosities that are truly out of this world!


The project story is exceptionally well told, and one line just warms my heart -

'My father kept an amazing collection of artifacts at his laboratory office and also at home.'

The story begins in 1977, the historic year of Star Wars and the Atari 2600, Fex senior had returned from Malta with some artifacts that he had embedded into epoxy resin. Hans had never seen this done before and he was mesmerised. He was 7 years old when he thought of the Mini Museum.

Such are the beautiful things that excite the collector in me. Being a sci-fi enthusiast as well as a designer, this project tickles all my interests at once. As I perused the fan following of the Mini Museum, I came across this wonderful comment by a buyer, that clearly summarises the exclusive charm of this product, and helps me conclude this post -

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